About us

BtechPay Wallet Services Pvt Ltd is under the Gacham Group of companies Gacham Asia Limited,Hongkong,Gachmi Impex Asia Global,Chennai & Hyderabad,Gacham Info Solutions Pvt Ltd,Bangalore,Gacham Properties pvt ltd Bangalore, 

BtechPay Wallet Services Pvt Ltd is a Public Utility services and travel portal, working towards building an easy to use platform. It allows B2B retailers to book travel tickets along with recharges and utility payments all under a single panel. BtechPay works towards its vision of creating business opportunities for people from all sectors in PAN India along with promoting digitization in rural and niche markets. Its B2C platform users various niches and caters to the metros along with Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities PAN India. Today BtechPay has an exceptional network partners across India within a short span of time. BtechPay a high quality of service with the convenience of access from Sms based to Mobile App. Get joined with us that helps you to operate all services from Mobile App to desktop.